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Off The Record Series - Doug Wallace Percussion

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Off The Record Series

Dynamic Rock, Jazz, and Pop Arrangements and Trancriptions
(Free to download and/or print):

Radiohead Suite for Percussion Trio
By Radiohead / Arr. by Doug Wallace (Grade  V  - Intermediate/Advanced)

Movement 1 - No Surprises (score)
Player 1 - Glock (part)
Player 2 - Vibes (part)
Player 3 - Marimba (part)

Movement 2 - Everything in It's Right Place (score)
Player 1 - 5 Timpani, Kick Drum, Percussion (part)
Player 2 - Vibes, Sus Cym (part)
Player 3 - Marimba, Sus Cym (part)

The Black Page #2 for Percussion Quartet
By Frank Zappa / Arr. by Doug Wallace (Grade VI - Advanced)

Full Score  

Marimba 1 + glock and xylophone (part)
Marimba 2 (part)
Vibraphone (part)
Drum Set (part)

2 Marimbas, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone and Drum Set 

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