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7511 by Michael Roberts
For Sale Item

Type of Piece: Marimba Duet (2007)
Instrumentation: 2 Low A (4.3 Octave) Marimbas
Grade: 5-6
Length: 6 minutes
Package Includes: Score & Parts

Listen to Excerpt

Notes: 7511 was inspired by the novel 7511 by M.H. Everson.  The book centers around a character named Augur who spends his life battling between hedonistic egotism and integrity.  Early in the book, Augur is drawn to a drug in order to cope with the death of his friend, Corban.  Consequently, he experiences a distorted reality that manifests itself in dream sequences followed by harsh reality.

The marimba duet, 7511, has two distinct themes.  One that represents reality, and another that represents Augur's dreams.  The climax of the piece introduces chromatic mediants and neapolitans followed by huge "apocolyptic" chords; all in an effort to depict Augur's intense struggle with self-pity and his inner demons. 

When asked for permission to name this piece after his novel, Mr. Everson graciously agreed, offering his own take on the subject and title of the book.  He said that it is about muses, not ignoring the future, and finding direction in a true form that can be as simple as four numbers that everyone pronounces differently. 

7511 by Michael Roberts
Price: $15.00

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