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Zoom Tips from Mr. Wallace - Doug Wallace Percussion

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Zoom Tips from Mr. Wallace

1. Try to get the best possible wifi signal that you can.
2. Use IPhone or IPad video instead of a laptop if possible.
3. Have a second device with wifi available to play background tracks and to use as a metronome if possible.
4. Turn you mic input volume down under 50% and set up bout 5 feet away from the device/mic.
5. Navigate to your Zoom audio settings (different on every device).  In the audio settings, uncheck "Automatically adjust microphone volume". 
6. If you are able to navigate to your Zoom advanced audio settings (different on every device), disable "suppress persistent background noise" and
"suppress intermittent background noise".   If you can't find these settings, no worries.  They just make the audio a little better.
7. Print out any digital music that I assign and have all books ready to go.

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