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Welcome to the Private Student Center at
Please check this bulletin board regularly for important information and updates.

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Mr. Wallace to be given "Private Student" status

Dear Students and Parents:
I know that you are receiving a ton of information related to the Coronavirus pandemic, so I will make this as concise and simple as possible:
1. Lessons will continue as usual at my home studio for those who are comfortable attending.  I will keep my home studio very clean, and I will have hand sanitizer and a sink with soap and water available.  I simply ask that students use their own sticks and mallets.  NOTE - I WILL NOT PROVIDE STICKS AND MALLETS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  My recommendations if you need to purchase sticks or mallets are as follows.  These recommendations are for most students, beginning to strong intermediate level.  I have more custom recommendations for very advanced players.
2. If a student is not comfortable attending a live lesson, or if a student is currently scheduled for lessons at Cooper M.S., I will give lessons via Zoom (a free web meeting platform that is being used by many musicians and music schools).  Most students have a drum pad or snare drum as well as a bell kit or other mallet instrument, so I can definitely make online lessons work.  My weekly lesson schedule will remain the same whether lessons are in person or online. 
3. There is plenty for us to do even if there is no school.  I have many ideas.  In fact, this situation opens up educational opportunities that I think the students will really enjoy.
4. ***Action Item - I will be posting information and updates on my website going forward.  I ask that you please log into your account on my website or create an account if you do not have one.  Upon logging in, please fill out the form with your correct address, lesson time, notes, etc.  Send me a quick email when this is done.  Within 24 hours of you emailing me, I will give you special access to the "Private Students Only" page.  This is where most of the important updates will eventually be posted.   Please note -  YOU WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY BE ABLE TO GET INTO THE "PRIVATE STUDENTS ONLY" PAGE BECAUSE I HAVE TO MANUALLY APPROVE YOU.  This is for your protection.

That's about it for now.  Stay healthy!

Mr. Wallace


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